An outpost i the west

58°34’N  11°04’E

The Weather Island is the last outpost. A place far from the everyday noise. No stress, no must-dos, no hullabaloo. Way off the beaten track.

To the west you will see the glittering waves all the way to the horizon. When the winds are sweeping over the bare rocks you are sheltered by the Inn and the old sea pilots houses. Between the corners of the houses echoes stories about sea farers, pilots and their families.

Welcome to be a part of a fascinating world filled with 365 small islands and rocks. Where good food, nice drinks and exciting excursion will enhance your experience. That will make your visit stay for a long time in your memory. And that will make you want to come back again and again.


14.2m högsta uppmätta våghöjd
9.6m/s medelvind
2099 soltimmar per år

To do

When you start to get restless there are lots of activities on and around the island. A walk ut to the pilot station is one of the guests favourites. From there you see the ocean wherever you look. Another tip is the beautiful trek around Storön, over granite blocks and through sheltered, bushy crevasses.

After that it is time to relax in the warm granite sauna with ocean view, and let your body get soaked in the hot tubs. Why not try a refreshing swin in the ocean as well!

We also offer fishing trips, boat tours and kayak tours. Läs mer under våra paketerbjudanden

The food is an experience in itself.

The warm and relaxed feeling spreads itself inside our Inn. Have a seat and enjoy excellent food and drinks, spend time with friends, make new friends or just seat yourself in the big sofa for a while.

We want to create flavours and scents that will make your experience at the Weather Island even more special. Therefore we make try even harder then it comes to food and service. The menu is influenced by the ocean and we follow the seasons.

The kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, the traditional Swedish fika and snacks. If you have any allergies or other diet restrictions, please let us know well in advance. 

Contact us for menu:

+46 (0)525-320 06 or +46 (0)525-320 01

Stay in the world of the sea pilots

When the sun slowly sets in the Western Ocean and the sky takes on a shimmering red colour, it is time to rest. After a good nights sleep you will have the energy to face new adventures! 

At the Weather Island the accomodation is characterized by the simple life of the pilots. We offer 16 unique rooms, where 7 of them with ensuite. All of the rooms are bright and light with a maritim touch. The ocean is a beautiful coulisse from most windows, and in some of the rooms we have quite large alcove beds for families or if you wish to stay 3 persons in one room.