Tasting menu

Our menus are rewritten according to season, with inspiration from the west coast and a combination of both classic and modern. With the best seasonal ingredients, we use our passion and joy to create an experience for you as a guest. Here you can clearly feel our stamp with food that is both beautiful to look at and that gives you a nice feeling of being right here with us.

With our location, 0 meters from the sea, fish and shellfish are a given on the menu. But we are also attracted by the green. Bringing home beautiful vegetables at their best is wonderful. White asparagus in spring, all varieties of cabbage that come during the year and root vegetables in autumn and winter in all their shapes and colors.

6-course tasting menu

The big blue hides many delights, even less charming taste experiences. We are not afraid to serve everything the sea has to offer.

Our 6-course tasting menu can be booked on top of our accommodation packages; Väderöpackage & Stay a little longer.


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6-course tasting menu inspired of the ocean. Can be booked as an addition to our packages.