Working for sustainability on the islands

The nature of the islands is extremely valuable and the area is a natural reserve. Both on land and under the sea lies unique environments we want to protect. Among other things this is where you can find one of Sweden's two living coral reefs.

For us, it is therefore extra important to take care of our residual waste and ensure that the strain on the island is as small as possible. As a guest, you also have a responsibility to be careful and show respect for nature.

Our water comes from the sea, it is desalinated and filtered in our facility in the guest harbor. The water in the faucets is grodd for drinking. During the time of the pilots they used rainwater, no well is available on the island. Today, we must also be careful in our water consumption, even if the sea feels infinite, our plant can only produce a certain amount each day.

We have a separate treatment plant that efficiently cleans all wastewater. It goes through a long process and then comes out as a fertilizer cake that we then transport back to the mainland. The treatment plant is very sensitive and we are very careful about the products we use for cleaning and work to ensure that we do not overload the system. It is very important that we do not get liquids or things that can put the system off  balance and we also ask everyone who visits us on the island to show consideration.