Some frequently asked questions

Are you open all year around?

Yes! We are! During off-season we are only open when we have reservations, make sure to give us a call before you decide you want to visit us.

Do the boats manage all kinds of weather?

Yes, our catamarans are specially built to endure all kinds of weather and winds. They are from England and can manage winds up to 30 knots, it just takes a little longer to get to the islands. If you feel you might get sea sick we recommend you to take a sea sickness pill, even though the trip is not that long.

From where do the boats depart?

They usually run from Hamburgsund, just to the left side of the ferry crossing to Hamburgö. During the high season they go on regular trips from Fjällbacka and Hamburgsund. We can also pick up in Fjällbacka during low season if you let us know in good time. If you wish to go from elsewhere, we will gladly help you during the low season, but during the summer when the boats go on a regular tour list, we have a difficulty at catching up with extra stops.

How long is the trip to the islands?

Normally, the journey directly from Hamburgsund takes about 35 - 40 minutes depending on the winds, if the boat goes via Fjällbacka it takes about an extra 15 minutes. From Fjällbacka out to the islands it also takes about 40 minutes, so the total time Hamburgsund - Fjällbacka - The Weather Islands is about an hour.

Where can I park?

Look at the link right här, you'll find a map with all the parking locations in Tanum Municipality.

Can I take my own boat out to the islands?

Absolutely, we have a guest harbor with room for 25-30 boats but we do not make reservations in the guest harbor. When the weather is good and the winds are in the right direction, there are many good natural ports around the island. On the west side is Strömsund, where there is good shelter and mooring possibilities.

Is it open if I want to go into the pilot station tower?

The pilot station tower is run by volunteers. They work as good as daily during high season and more sporadically during low season. When in place, a flag is clearly visible from the restaurant. You can then enter the tower and also climb all the way up for a 360-degree view of the islands. There is a schedule where you can check in advance and see how their crew looks like, and read more about the work the association does. That link can be found här.